Plastic Pails

SAPIN began manufacturing plastic pails in 2004 and is now a leading supplier of heavy duty industrial pails in the G.C.C. Made from high impact polypropylene our pails are amongst the strongest and most durable pails available.


We manufacture sizes 4L, 15L, 17L and 20L from high impact polypropylene.
The print finish can be achieved either by dry offset or InMoldLabels(IML).

Conical Can
Our new 15L plastic pail is designed and engineered from the ground up by understanding customer’s needs. The following are it’s new features:
  • Thicker by 0.2 mm (2.2mm) (better resistance to bulking temperature).
  • Vertical drop test – 1.25m (filled with water).
  • Horizontal drop test – 1m (filled with water).
  • Available in dry offset and IML.
  • Food grade.
  • 100% Pilfer proof.
  • Smooth opening – pull tab, tear off strip.
  • Leak free double locking system (impressive watertight fitment/closing tamper proof).
  • Smooth opening.
  • 75mm Side spout fixed on lid.
  • Strong wall thickness-robust for heavy duty usage/ application).
  • Outstanding pail stackability – diminished pail to pail sticking vacuuming.
  • Remarkable palletizing – applicable to wide range of pallet sizes).
  • Excellent bottom design – sturdy bottom to eliminate cracking).
305mm Conical Can