Food Cans

We manufacture a wide range of food cans and components.
Our cans range from 83 mm – 189mm diameter cans, which are used in numerous applications from coffee to baby milk powder to peanuts.
400 g
500 g

Cylindrical cans with or without 4/8 beads for dry food.
Aluminum foil top seamed, RingLidFoil – top seamed or bottom seamed.

99mm Cylindrical Cans
900 g
1 Kg

Cylindrical cans with 4/6 beads for dry food for size 900g to
1 Kg aluminum foil top seamed, RingLidFoil – top seamed or bottom seamed

127mm Cylindrical Cans
1.8 Kg
2.5 Kg

Cylindrical cans with 6/19 beads for dry aluminum foil top seamed.
RingLidFoil – top seamed or bottom seamed.

153mm Cylindrical Cans
2.5 Kg
З Kg

Cylindrical cans with 6 beads for dry food. Aluminum foil top seamed.
RingLidFoil – top seamed or bottom seamed.

189mm Cylindrical Cans
150 g
250 g

Cylindrical cans for dry food with aluminum easy open end.

83mm Cylindrical Cans
10 Kg
16 Kg

Square cans for Wet food like Feta Cheese, etc.

234mm Square Cans
50 g
200 g

Two-piece conical cans for wet/dry food with aluminum
easy open end for products like Cheese etc.

55/73/83mm Conical Cans

Industrial Cans

SAPIN offers a wide range of industrial cans – for an equally wide variety of purposes.
From paint to chemicals to putties, our cans offer the versatility to package both solvent and water based products. Using state of the art manufacturing techniques and premium tinplate our cans ensure to protect the contents from the environment and vice versa.
1 L
Cylindrical cans for paint/industrial/engine oil use available with top. or bottom seamed.
99mm Cylindrical Cans
0.2 L
1.2 L
Cylindrical cans for paint/industrial use available with flexpout also.
105mm Cylindrical Cans
1 L
4 L
Cylindrical cans for paint/industrial use available with wire handle also.
165mm Cylindrical Cans
1.25 L
5 L
Cylindrical cans for paint/industrial use available with wire or plastic handle also.
175mm Cylindrical Cans
3.6 L
5 L
Conical cans for paint/industrial use with one bead and wire handle.
202mm Cylindrical Cans
14 L
25 L
Top seamed conical cans with 2 beads and wire handle on top for paint/industrial use.
275mm Cylindrical Cans
10 L
30 L
Conical cans with bead and wire handle for paint/industrial use. Available with flex spout lids also.
285mm Conical Cans
1 L
Rectangular cans industrial/thinner/chemical/lube oil use.
113mm x 61mm Rectangular Cans
4 L
Rectangular cans industrial/thinner/chemical/lube oil use with bridge or wire hand.
165mm x 103mm Rectangular Cans
5 L
Rectangular cans industrial/thinner/chemical/lube oil use with bridge or wire handle.
176mm x 108mm Rectangular Cans

Aerosol Cans

SAPIN is the leading manufacturer of totally integrated aerosol cans in the Middle East. Applications include insecticides, air fresheners, oven cleaners, polish etc.

We manufacture a wide range of 3 piece aerosol cans of dia 52mm, 57mm, 65mm from
height 103mm all the way to 287mm for insecticides, air freshener, oven cleaners, polish etc.

Aerosol Cans

Plastic Pails

SAPIN began manufacturing plastic pails in 2004 and is now a leading supplier of heavy duty industrial pails in the G.C.C. Made from high impact polypropylene our pails are amongst the strongest and most durable pails available.
4 L
20 L

We manufacture sizes 4L, 15L, 17L and 20L from high impact polypropylene.
The print finish can be achieved either by dry offset or InMoldLabels(IML).

Conical Can
15 L
Our new 15L plastic pail is designed and engineered from the ground up by understanding customer’s needs. The following are it’s new features:
  • Thicker by 0.2 mm (2.2mm) (better resistance to bulking temperature).
  • Vertical drop test – 1.25m (filled with water).
  • Horizontal drop test – 1m (filled with water).
  • Available in dry offset and IML.
  • Food grade.
  • 100% Pilfer proof.
  • Smooth opening – pull tab, tear off strip.
  • Leak free double locking system (impressive watertight fitment/closing tamper proof).
  • Smooth opening.
  • 75mm Side spout fixed on lid.
  • Strong wall thickness-robust for heavy duty usage/ application).
  • Outstanding pail stackability – diminished pail to pail sticking vacuuming.
  • Remarkable palletizing – applicable to wide range of pallet sizes).
  • Excellent bottom design – sturdy bottom to eliminate cracking).
305mm Conical Can

Can Components

We manufacture can components such as alu peel off lids, bottom ends, aerosol cones and domes, thereby providing customers an integrated range of packaging solutions.

Components Category
Alu Peel-off


Long before a customer puts their product into a single SAPIN can, a wide host of options and alternatives will have been explored to ensure we are delivering the best packaging solution possible.


High quality packaging design is vital in ensuring our customers sell what is inside the containers. This is equally true for the physical make-up of the package as it is for its decorative appeal. Thanks to our design team - customers can choose from conical, cylindrical, round or rectangular containers and from a host of closing options including - lever lids, screw caps, plug lids and easy-pour spouts. Our in-house design studio has the experience and creative flair to help our customers products stand out from the crowd.


SAPIN has long been acknowledged the leader in premier quality printing. Printing onto tinplate or plastic requires skill and experience, owing to the effects of variation throughout the production process. We have our own in-house studio and plate-making department that uses Computer-To-Plate (CTP) technology, allowing us to produce plates virtually instantly via CDs or online downloads.

Pack Testing

Successful testing requires close liaison with our customers to ensure delivering the product best suited to their unique needs. A whole series of variables are analyzed, including what environmental conditions the can will endure, how the cans are intended to be stored, how easy is it for the end-customer to use, what is the shelf-life of both the package and its contents and even the possibility of reuse – are just some of the elements analyzed to develop the perfect can.

Turnkey & Consulting

On certain occasions standard packaging may not be the best solution. Hence when customer needs require tailor made solutions, our innovative approach and participative style come to the fore. Working in partnership with our customers, we are able to develop specific solutions for unique operational or logistical concerns, so as to offer complete turnkey solutions.

Inventory Managements

We are committed to the continuous improvement of the supply chain, flowing through procurement, warehousing and logistics. Our key goals are to reduce inventory, accelerate transaction speeds and increase sales by implementing customer requirements more efficiently.