Employee Grievance & Whistleblower

To ensure that we perform at the highest ethical standards, operate at full transparency, and build and maintain the trust of all stakeholders, we provide clear guidelines on our standards, and the framework for putting those principles into action.

Any complaint or grievance raised by any interested party can be considered, including both external and internal allegations.

The Employee Grievance /Whistleblower form provides a secure and confidential method for anyone to report suspected fraud, unethical conduct, or business irregularities related to SAPIN.

Employees, contractors, vendors, subcontractors, and anyone else with whom we do business may report in the below form any situation that raises questions or suggests possible violation of any law or regulation applicable to our operations.

Examples of concerns to be reported include falsification of records or reports, violation of SAPIN policies, and any other irregularities but not limited such as health and safety, working conditions, fraud, theft, bribery, kickbacks, misuse of resources false representation, embezzlement, conflict of interest. etc.

Frivolous grievances will not be investigated. Only evidenced grievances and complaints will be investigated. Evidence and detailed information must be provided, including at least: name of impacted person and/or organization, description of facts, witnesses, date, time, location of relevant events. Messages without these details will not be considered. The name of the reporting person needs not be reported if they feel anonymity is necessary for privacy or protection.