Brand Guidelines

SAPIN has defined a set of core values and messages which design and inform all of our communications.

SAPIN's brand guidelines are designed to give you the basic building blocks of our identity.

Like any major brand, our visual identity is an important part of our organization. It represents the outward 'face' and is a key tool in helping us maintain our leading position in the packaging industry.




The contained text SAPIN is an abbreviation of the full business identity - Saudi Arabian Packaging Industry.

Our typeface

The SAPIN typeface is bold, depicting SAPIN's bold approach to its work and business methodologies.


SAPIN's corporate color - light blue (or Cyan) represents the firms fresh and creative outlook to the packaging industry and the solutions it offers to the industry and its customers.


The SAPIN logo is characterized by an elongated sphere or an oval. This represents SAPIN's main line of business- manufacturing of packaging cans. A sphere also represents growth and symbolically illustrates SAPIN's aim of growing and diversifying in all directions.


Our Branding
Our branding takes inspiration from rings of a can; illustrating our core business and ripples in water; illustrating how energy spreads in nature