SAPIN has 3 manufacturing facilities in Dammam – Saudi Arabia and 1 in Dubai – U.A.E
Depending on your own requirements, SAPIN can serve you form a location that makes sense to you.

  • To serve our global customer base, we operate a total of 4 manufacturing facilities across 2 countries.
  • Our metal can production facilities include - 1 coil cutting, 3 coating , 4 printing, 10 assembly and 8 press lines.
  • Our plastic manufacturing facilities include 10 injection molding and 3 print lines.
Facility Activities Location
SAPIN 1 Tin Plate coating and printing. Dammam, Saudi Arabia
SAPIN 2 Food can manufacturing – 2 and 3 piece cans Dammam, Saudi Arabia
SAPIN 3 Coil cutting, Paint can, aerosol can and plastic packaging manufacturing Dammam, Saudi Arabia
SAPIN 4 Food and aerosol can manufacturing – 3 piece cans Dubai, United Arab Emirates